Quest – Creativity & Experience in God’s Service!

QUEST is one of the outreach programs arranged by the Czech organization called KAM, that partners with an American missionary organization called Josiah Venture. KAM also organizes other outreach activities connected with music (Fusion), sports (Edge), or the English language (English camps). QUEST is focused on experience games. 

QUEST is creative “adventurous” clubs that use EXPERIENCE as a tool to not only connect with people, but to also connect with their hearts. We use theater, acting story-experience games, psychological activities, storytelling and other creative ideas.


QUEST is an inspirational outreach ministry that allows local churches to start and build relationships with new people. Those relationships are created based on shared experiences from the games and follow-up discussions that they often lead to. The inspirational aspect is the spiritual side, which is always included in the topics of the games and in the discussions.

This idea has already been in practice for more than 10 years in the city of Ostrava (3rd biggest city of Czech Republic). Every year this activity naturally brings many new contacts, because the society longs for experiences and new relationships.

QUEST can complete an already functioning set of activities of a church or it can be an individual ministry of a local church. It’s very adaptable. 

Why experiences:

What it can bring to the church:


“Thank you so much everyone. This was beyond my expectations. It was so flawless that there’s no way it could get any better. Really I have no words to describe how amazing that was :)”

“The depressing vibe of a prison, love, friendship, hate, betrayal, surprises and unexpected twists. My tragic role (that had like 0 chance of a happy end), helplessly in love and destroyed by life itself was a perfect match for me. Even now after years, I still remember that and sometimes I find a glimpse of that role in me again. It’s a touching emotional experience that really changes something in your heart…”

“We were a group of 5 people and I got the character that was left – a historian. I had goosebumps from the very first moment of reading my script, when I realized I got a role that will be very important for the story. I was very excited! From that moment until the end I was blown away by the incredible story and the atmosphere of Dark Tower. I wish I was a poet so I could express the tears, the pain, the tragedy of the story. You wanna know the ending? Oh that’s a surprise 🙂 “

“Thank you so much for preparing this event and a big thank you to everyone that came! It was basically perfect 🙂 I have a new amazing experience that I really really enjoyed.”

“Thank you so much for a very inspirational few days full of tension and deep conversations.”

“I just finished playing this game… and I seriously have no words. My character, that was broken from the very beginning, without even a sip of hope for a better life went through a wonderful, but really INCREDIBLE plot twist, just to lose everything again at the end… I didn’t really care about the politics, my main focus was my own relationships. I would do anything for love. I experienced moments of hopelessness, despair, hate, love, joy… and pain. The pain was so real I forgot that it was just a role and I forgot there’s a real world outside of this game. It absorbed me entirely, crushed me, brought me to tears and made me fight the patrols. The experience was so incredibly strong there’s no way I can express it with words… You need to go play it, it’s 100% worth it!”

How can you be a part of that?