Worship.ko – developing worship leaders and their teams to the Glory of God

Worship.ko is a collective of worship leaders, who would love to help guide you on your path to leading worship and in the area of worship in general. We’ve prepared tools and resources, which will help you and your teams to grow spiritually and practically. We would love to invest into leaders of a new generation that will lead others into a deeper relationship with Jesus, discipleship, understanding the heart of the Father, and worship throughout every aspect of life.


This ten week online study called #worship – Worship Matters is based on the book Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. We will meet weekly in small groups for a discussion (90 – 120 min), to focus on spiritual and practical development focusing on your specific situation and needs.


After finishing the #worship study, we offer to continue in regular online meetings every two months to share, pray, encourage and inspire one another, while searching for answers to specific questions and challenges which every worship leader and their team are facing. There is also the possibility to meet individually for coaching and mentoring sessions.


Worship.ko offers a series of four consecutive day-long workshops which focus specifically on the practical development of worship. They will be held at your church on chosen Saturdays from 9am-6pm and are made for your whole team. The day combines practical sessions with a choice of seminars and a time of worship together.

Topic Examples:

  • Music Theory Basics, Writing and composing new songs, Song arrangement, Roles of instruments, Lead Vocals, Song reharmonization, Music Production, Leading a band
  • We are preparing specific Worship Retreats and Workshops for sound and lighting engineers, techs, projection, etc.


This program combines #worship study with cohort meetings and a series of four workshops.

WORSHIP.KO Retreat and special training events

Throughout the year we are organizing Worship.ko Retreat and training events to target specifi areas of worship leader development.

Would you like help developing young worship leaders and their teams?

  • If you would like to financially support Worship.ko ministry, we would be absolutely grateful! You can contact us to get info on how to do so!
  • If you would like to be part of Worship.ko by personally serving or coming with interns or entire teams for retreats or special events, please contact us! 
  • If you have experienced a similar ministry and you would like to share your tips and resources, we will also be happy to hear from you. 
  • If you’ve found this ministry interesting and you would like to know more, contact us and we can organize a “vision trip” to introduce it to you.